As mentioned yesterday, Yumi and I baked some cut-out cookies yesterday.  We used a recipe I found from the food network website by Nigella.  It was very simple and mixing it was no problem.  So Yumi mixed all the ingredients then we stored it in the ref to  cool.

After cooling, it was time to roll and one of Yumi’s friends, Fate wanted to watch and ended up helping her with the whole project.  The dough was very sticky and it was difficult to roll and shape.

After it was baked, time to decorate.  Jari also helped in decorating.  They finished up the first batch of frosting I made so I had to mix another batch.














Finally, the finished products:


















I think I have to look for another recipe though if we will do this again.  The dough was too wet, maybe because we’re in a tropical country so the butter melts easily.  Also, the cookie and frosting was too sweet.  The instructions were to use flour if the dough was sticking but I read the comments on the recipe and they suggested to roll it in powdered sugar so I did.  The frosting was also just powdered sugar and water so the result was a very, very sweet cookie.

Well, Yumi definitely had fun doing the whole thing.  It was the first time we decorated cookies and basically the first time she played with food.  In terms of Yumi’s happiness, this was definitely a success.   And that’s what’s important!