I feel very proud of myself today.  I spent the whole morning organizing my files.  Piles and piles of papers, envelopes and folders filled with receipts, payslips, contracts etc.  The result isn’t really obvious to anybody but myself since the files are kept upstairs and I’m the only one who deals with it.

I have actually organized our papers maybe a few years ago but I wasn’t really clear on how I should file everything.  And of course as new papers came in that had to be stored, I sometimes just put it in the most accessible folder or envelope so there were some very jumbled papers.  I’m still not sure and I even texted Jon and my sister repeatedly to ask for tips on organizing and what to keep and what to throw.  I have all these utility bills, payslips and receipts from years and years ago.  I found some report cards from STC, form 5s and classcards from UP, and school IDs. I even saw the contract for my first ever job 16 years ago.  And my monthly salary then was Php7500!  Amazing!  I ended up keeping that contract but I really don’t know if I should hold on to these.  How many years of paperwork should we keep?

I’ve been contemplating this project for months now but I always find excuses not to do it.  I finally decided to face the task today and didn’t stop until I was finished.  What’s great about the project was that I ran across old photos and letters.  I took some time to browse and see how I’ve changed throughout the years.  It’s also nice to see pictures of old friends and colleagues who I haven’t seen in ages.

I think I still don’t have the ideal set-up for a proper filing system.  Mostly my problem is storage.  I don’t have a drawer to put all the files together.  I just have a couple of boxes.  And while I got to fix it adequately, it’s not very convenient to file the papers as they come since I keep the boxes upstairs and I deal with paperwork downstairs.

So the plan is, have a temporary storage of papers downstairs where I put in the bills after they’ve been paid.  Then, every first of the month, I will file those papers in the boxes upstairs.  Since I’ll be doing it on a monthly basis, it shouldn’t be a daunting task and would probably just take me 5 min to do.

Here’s hoping I get to stick with the plan.  How do you manage your files at home?