As I mentioned last Monday, I got a huge surprise when I got my Globe bill.  Instead of owing Globe something, I even have a credit in my account.

About a month ago, I called Globe to cancel my account.  I’ve fulfilled my two year contract and since I’m not a big user, I decided to go prepaid.  But when I called, they offered to lower my plan to P299 per month.  I was planning on spending about P250 for load if I went prepaid so if I keep the line, it would still cost a bit more, although not by much.  There is that added advantage of not having to change my number, inform people and load every month so I was thinking that maybe that extra P50 might be worth it.  I guess the representative noticed my hesitance since he also offered to give me an additional P100 discount so my monthly bill just be P199.  Now we’re talking.

I decided to accept the offer and it was effective the next day.  Since it was the middle of the billing period, there were adjustments on the bill.  I’ve already paid last month’s bill, so with the adjustment, I don’t need to pay this month and have credits to be applied towards next month’s bill.  Isn’t that great!

Another company I got a great reward from last week was Monterey.  They have a rewards card, like SM or National Bookstore.  But what’s great about their card is it’s free and it doesn’t expire.  Also, they can input even old receipts.  I was cleaning our desk about two weeks ago and found an old receipt, dated December of last year and they still processed it.  So anyway, since there was more than P200 worth of credits on the card already, I decided to buy some beef and use the credit towards it.  So, it was like we bought a kilo of beef for just P100.  Really great!

Anyway, I just thought of making this very positive post to counteract yesterday‘s very negative post.  Here’s to more loyal customer rewards!