This is my first blog ever.  I am not a writer and never have been but I figured I’ll give blogging a try.    Wish me luck!

I’ll start my first post with a list of stuff I’m grateful for.  I’ll make a list every week and try not to repeat anything.  So here goes:

1.  Family and Friends –  it goes without saying that life is best lived with people we love and who love us back.

2.  Relative good health – relative since Yumi (my daughter) has chickenpox right now and I haven’t had chickenpox yet so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t catch it.

3.  My work – I stay home the whole day and get to work from home at night.  It’s a pretty good deal, right?

4.  Reading – I read anything and everything (although I’ve tried Shakespeare before and I quit so I’ll give that another try soon).

5.  Baking – I love baking and would do this everyday if I could.


So, that’s my list for this week.  What are you thankful for?