LIst #16

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This was supposed to be made yesterday but I was sick and didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary so I didn’t even open the computer yesterday.  I’m feeling a bit better now so it’s time to make a gratitude list again.

1.  Relatively flood-fee house –  We had so much rain last week and a lot of areas got flooded.  Some water did come in the house but it wasn’t much and we were safe and unharmed.

2.  Suspension of classes – I’m glad that classes were suspended last Friday and it was announced early enough so we didn’t have to wake up early only to find out that there were no classes.  The suspension also ensured that my kids were safe at home.

3.  Rio – This was our movie night pick of the week.

4.  Relative good health – No one else in my family has caught my cold and I hope it stays that way.

5.  Good weather – The weather has cleared up and the sun is shining.  I know we often complain of the heat but I’d rather have this than gloomy, rainy weather.

That’s if for now.  What are you thankful for?


Mr. Slowpoke

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Meet Mr. Slowpoke.

The kids found him yesterday when they played outside in the rain.  They decided to keep him as a pet.

This morning, he was gone.  I guess even a slowpoke can escape given enough time…

Singing in the Rain

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And playing soccer too.

School was suspended today due to heavy rains last night.  So the kids were bored with nothing to do again.  And it started raining again.  They asked if they could go out and play and we allowed them to.

I don’t remember being allowed to play in the rain as a kid.  My mom was always afraid that we’d get sick.  But I figured a little rain never hurt anyone.  Who knows, exposure might even increase your resistance to sickness.  So I let my kids play in the rain, even for just half an hour or so.    They have fun, they enjoy the physical activity and they would have nice memories to remember when they have their own kids.

But the rain just got harder and I think our street will be flooded soon.  So I have to go and get my kids now.  Leptospirosis is a different matter…


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I have been neglecting my blog.  I’m afraid it’s on the way to being extinct.  Just like all the nice notebooks I bought to be journals.  Actually, I’m surprised I lasted this long.  Usually I write about five entries in a nice, new journal then forget about it.  At least with this blog, I have written more than 60 posts, in about 3 months.  That’s a record for me.

I’m thinking of joining the blog a day challenge.  At least it gives me a prompt and a topic to write about.  But I don’t know if I can stick with it.  And I hate starting something I know I can’t sustain.

I actually have more time now that the kids are back in school.  But it seems I have less time.  I don’t why but the chores seem to have multiplied with the kids gone.  Hopefully, I’ll catch up with everything and develop a routine by next week.

What I really need to do is stop playing games.  As I’ve mentioned, I started playing again and it really is eating up my time.  Promise, I’ll stop tomorrow.

So until then, see you next week or if I’m lucky, tomorrow.  🙂

List #15

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I wasn’t in the mood for much of anything last week but today is the start of a new week and time to make a gratitude list again.  Good thing I had a great weekend, so I still have a lot of things to be grateful for:

1.  Max’s Chicken all you can promo –  It’s a great deal and we all had a good time.

2.  Long weekends – Today was a holiday and although Jon had a flight to Davao this afternoon, at least we got an extra half-day spent as a complete family.

3.  Narnia 3 – This was our movie night pick of the week.

4.  A roof over our heads – I just read about a family whose house burned to the ground.  We hear this kind of news everyday and I’m really thankful that I’ve never experienced being a victim of fire.

5.  Jari’s “new” phone – Thanks to Jonas, Jari can now bring a phone to school for emergencies.

That’s it for now.  What are you thankful for?

Honey Oatmeal Bread

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I decided to try a different bread recipe today, something that might appeal more to the kids.  I decided on Honey Oatmeal Bread.  We did this once, maybe more than 5 years.  We just found the recipe in the Kitchen Aide manual and I remember it was good so I tried it again today.

This time though, I did manual kneading.  I’m actually enjoying kneading but it’s more messy than using the mixer.  I find kneading relaxing and I feel more connected to what I’m doing.




I made two loaves, as usual.  One I topped with rolled oats and the other I just left plain.  As you might notice, one loaf is bigger than the other.  I don’t know why but I always have trouble dividing the dough in half. 

Anyway, the bread was great!  It was slightly sweet and can be eaten plain.  Have a slice!

List # 14


Time to make a list again:

1.  Baked Tahong – Wonderful, wonderful meal.

2.  Back to school – Both kids are now back in school.  Hopefully this will give me time to clean and exercise (I can dream, can’t I?). 🙂

3.  Out of my League – We didn’t have time to have a family movie night this week but Jon and I had watched this movie and we had a good time.

4.  Free day – The weather last Thursday was great, rainy and cool and the best part is that we didn’t have to go out, no need to walk Yumi to school.  It was great! 🙂

5.  Comments – I got some comments on my blog this week from two people I don’t know!  It’s amazing to know that there are actually people outside of my family and friends who read my blogs.

That’s it for now.  What’s in your list?

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