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I mentioned last Monday that I was invited to take a test for a new job.  I’m happy to report that I passed!  They sent me some forms to fill out and some videos to watch to train me for the job.

When I checked my email on Wednesday morning, I was informed that I was good to go and could start working.  The work in this company is self assigned, so you could work as much or as little as you want.  However, I found out that they usually send out the files to be worked on at around 6 am, my time.  I’m still asleep at that time, then I have to bring my daughter to school, then take my morning walk.  I’m usually home by 8 am, then I have to eat breakfast and do the chores.  So, by the time I read the email, it was almost 10 am and there was no more work to be done.

So, I have a dilemma, should I work after bringing Yumi to school, or should I still walk and if there’s no more work, then sorry.  I could take the files before I bring Yumi to school, then take a walk but I might not finish the work within the deadline.  I certainly don’t want to miss deadlines so early in the game.

As it turns out, they sometimes send files at other times.  Yesterday, they sent it early evening my time.  By that time though, I couldn’t work on it either since I’m doing online English conversation lessons at night.  Today, they sent it around noon.  Finally, I got to work on a decent number of files.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I forgot to eat lunch because of that.

I have to figure out a way to do this properly.  I have decided that I will continue walking.  I enjoy my time outdoors, and it’s my only exercise.  I should also discipline myself to check for new files only at certain times of the day.  There is no need to check it every five minutes.  Finally, I should realize that this is just extra work, we won’t starve without it so there’s no point in stressing myself.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to check the file before I go to bed. 🙂



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There are a lot of bad stuff going on, riots and shootings and crime, so I thought of making a positive post to counteract all the negativity going around.

I used to have a credit card(s) and with credit cards, you can get lots of rewards.  They have points and rebates and stuff.  This is all great if you are very disciplined and can really pay off the full balance every month to avoid paying outrageous interest on your purchases.

When I first had a credit card, (maybe 15 years ago?), I was definitely that person.  I paid everything full and could save a huge chunk of my salary.  But of course, life happened, and with that, unexpected circumstances.  So there were times that the credit card got paid minimum amounts until the amount became impossible to pay at one go.  I realized there is no way I could get out of debt without help and without stopping the usage of the cards.

So, a few years ago, I made a call and made a payment arrangement.  I’ve stopped using credit cards and finally paid off my credit card debt last year.  It’s difficult to overspend when you’re using cash because if there’s no cash, that’s it.

I do miss the rewards that cards have to offer though.  Sometimes I’m tempted to get another card but I don’t want to go through that road again.  So, I’m really thankful that BPI offers rewards for using the express payment system.  My ATM card basically functions like a debit card and I can only use the amount of cash that I have.

I usually use this for back to school shopping and groceries as it’s more convenient, no need to withdraw and stuff (I sound like an ad).  But it’s true.  Anyway, last year, they had this reward where if you purchase a certain amount, you could get Jollibee food items.   We love chicken joy so that was a great reward for us.

This year, they tied up with Chowking for their reward.  I’m not really a big Chinese food fan but it was still a good reward.  We went shopping for shoes a couple of weeks ago and we decided to eat at Chowking that time.  I think their food had improved from the last time I ate at Chowking so that was good too.

I’ve been a BPI customer for I don’t know how long and I really appreciate the level of service they provide.  I am looking forward to more great deals in the future.