Time to make a gratitude list again:

1.  Recognition – It was Yumi’s card day last Tuesday and she’s an Outstanding Student, which means she did great work for the first trimester.  She really wanted this and I’m very happy that she got the honor.

2.  Unexpected gifts –  I got a surprise visit last week from old neighbors and was sent some stuff from Australia.  I guess I have to thank Facebook for this too, otherwise, we would never have gotten in touch.  I have now tasted Vegemite!  Thanks Connie!

3.  Unexpected offer – I signed up with oDesk maybe 2 years ago and never really got anywhere with it.  Then suddenly, I got an offer for a transcription job, well, not an offer but a test for a transcription job that may lead to some longtime work.  Did the test and now just waiting for results.

4.  My Neighbor Totoro – This was our movie pick of the week and it was really cute, the kids liked it a lot.

5.  La Mesa Ecopark – We went to La Mesa Ecopark yesterday for some birding and the kids had a great time!  It was tiring (and hot!) but we all enjoyed being around nature, and it was our first time to see the dam!

That’s my list for this week.  What are you thankful for?