I’m sorry but I missed one week.  =(  But here I am now and again making my weekly gratitude list.

1.  Jari – My son turned 11 last Aug. 30.  The weather has been terrible and unpredictable so we didn’t go out and just had pizza, chicken and cake at home.

2.  Lazy days – There was a 4-day weekend last week and it was great not to have an agenda.

3.  Jon – He did more than his fair share during the long weekend since I was sick.

4.  Pizza Hut deals – Good thing Jari’s birthday was a Tuesday since Pizza Hut had a promotion of 2 pizzas for just P499 on Tuesdays.

5.  Mars Needs Moms – We actually watched a lot of movies since last week but this was my favorite movie pick.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I won’t miss any more weeks.  What are you thankful for?