I only discovered the Duggar Family about a month ago while channel surfing.  I was very amazed by their story and the challenges they face with 19 children.  I did see that they’re doing very well and are living quite comfortably.

About 2 weeks ago, I came across a special feature about a family here with 22 children.  Their lives cannot be more different than the Duggars.  They live in poverty.  The parents only finished up to grade 3 or 4.  None of the children have graduated from high school.  They’re pinning all their hopes on one daughter who’s now in third year high school.  It was a very sad story indeed.

I think the major difference between these two families is education.  I have nothing against big families as long as you are able to provide for your children in a manner they deserve.  I think family size is a personal decision and there is no right or wrong way of going about it.  I do, however, consider education as necessary.  I’m sure the Duggars knew what they were doing in bringing forth 19 lives.  They have at their disposal ways to control the number of children they would have.  This other family though, I think, didn’t really know how they could stop having children.  Of course abstinence is key but do we really expect a married couple to not have sex when it’s the only free recreation they have?  They said they didn’t want to have so many children but didn’t know what to do.  They didn’t have the tools to stop getting pregnant.  And that’s just sad.

One thing that really struck me was what one of the children said when asked what her dreams are.  Her dream is to eat three times a day.  You can’t get more real than that.  That really puts things in perspective as to what real problems are.  For us, eating three times a day is the bare minimum, something not to think about.  Sometimes we eat even 5 times or more a day.  If we eat less than 3 meals in a day, it’s by choice.  We forget that to others, survival is a bitter fight.  What we would consider as problems are just inconveniences, something that wouldn’t matter 5 years from now.

The disparity really makes me think how one’s situation in life is sometimes brought about by pure luck.  I do believe that each of us has the capacity to better ourselves however, our life situation dictates how difficult the journey would be.   We really have to deal with the deck we’re dealt.  Hopefully, we’ll learn the tools we need to survive and flourish along the way.

Life isn’t fair.  It would be up to us to somehow try to balance it out.