Time to make a gratitude list again:

1.  All day bake day – All our meals last Saturday was baked, from breakfast to dinner and it was great.  I hope to write about it tomorrow.

2.  Yeast – I’m really enjoying baking bread and other yummy stuff using this.

3.  Home Alone – This was our movie pick of the week.  The kids got interested with the first one after Home Alone 3 was shown on the Disney Channel last week.

4.  Health care – There were some family members who were hospitalized this week and I’m happy that they’re getting medical care.  I hope they are released soon and I’m thankful that we live in an area where medical care is available.

5.  Cool weather – It’s been raining on and off the whole week and while I don’t particularly like the rain, I like the cool weather it brings.

That’s it for now.  What are you grateful for?