Last Sunday, we spent the day in SJ and we spent the afternoon chatting with Jon’s family.  I shared that I when I fixed my files I found my very first contract and how much my salary was 16 years ago.  We got talking about how some companies have such high salaries and how could it be that some people choose to give up their cushy jobs.

I got to thinking about my own situation.  A little more than a year ago, I resigned from my job.  The salary is reasonable, the workload, to my thinking, not so much.  I was always stressed and I usually work 12 hours or more everyday.  When I first got promoted, I was ecstatic and of course I appreciated the salary increase.  I figured that the hard work expected of me was in exchange of the increase in my salary.  Through the years, I started thinking that I wasn’t getting much satisfaction from my job anymore, and I felt like a failure.  I wasn’t happy and it was time to move on.

I could have resigned then looked for another job with a similar capacity and I might even get a better compensation package but I didn’t.  I realized that even if the pay was good, I didn’t want to do the same things that were making me unhappy.

I decided to work part-time.  I now work part-time from home and I’m earning less than one-third of what I used to earn.  But I’m happy.  I get to take care of the day to day concerns of my family.  I can help my kids with homework.  I can spend the day reading, or surfing the internet, or watching TV (as long as chores are done of course 🙂 ).  And I can bake, everyday if choose.

Everyone of us is in a unique situation.  It is not our place to judge the decisions that others make.  We may have our opinions but we don’t know exactly what the deal is.  Some people may think my decision to quit the rat race is rash and irresponsible since we have children, but it is my decision.  Family members and well-meaning friends are always asking if I have a job already, or when I’ll start working full-time again.  They have a difficult time accepting that this is what I want to do for now.  That I’m happy where I’m at.

Of course I miss the perks of working full-time.  However, I have decided that for me, the price is just to high.  I don’t want to be stressed, unhappy, and living for the weekends.  I love where I am now.  I don’t know what the future holds but for now, I am where I should be.

Each of us have a choice.  And each choice has consequences, both positive and negative.  It is up to us to decide what we are willing to live with.