I had a milestone last Sunday.  I finished off a package of instant yeast.  This is the first time I’ve ever finished off a package of yeast without the yeast dying on me.

I opened the package sometime in March.  It took me about 3 months to finish off 500 g of instant yeast.  It’s a testament to how consistently I’ve been baking these past few months and I love it.

I really love baking and trying out new recipes.  I used to be very picky when I try out new recipes.  I always think of the commercial value of the recipe, if I could sell it and so forth.  But recently, I decided to bake just for us.  I don’t give a thought now as to whether I could sell what I bake.  I just try out recipes that seem interesting with ingredients that are readily available.

So now, I bake bread once or twice a week.  We have homemade pizza day at least once a month.  I also try to bake some treats like cookies about every two weeks or so.  I actually haven’t tried any new recipe recently but I have a whole file of stuff I want to try out.  I’ll see if I can try out a new recipe at least once a month.

Looking forward to finishing off my new package of yeast! 🙂