This was supposed to be made yesterday but I was sick and didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary so I didn’t even open the computer yesterday.  I’m feeling a bit better now so it’s time to make a gratitude list again.

1.  Relatively flood-fee house –  We had so much rain last week and a lot of areas got flooded.  Some water did come in the house but it wasn’t much and we were safe and unharmed.

2.  Suspension of classes – I’m glad that classes were suspended last Friday and it was announced early enough so we didn’t have to wake up early only to find out that there were no classes.  The suspension also ensured that my kids were safe at home.

3.  Rio – This was our movie night pick of the week.

4.  Relative good health – No one else in my family has caught my cold and I hope it stays that way.

5.  Good weather – The weather has cleared up and the sun is shining.  I know we often complain of the heat but I’d rather have this than gloomy, rainy weather.

That’s if for now.  What are you thankful for?