A friend’s Facebook status got me thinking.  She said that in a seminar, they were asked about the top three jobs they’d like to do if money was no object.  I don’t know about jobs but it got me thinking about three things or activities I like doing consistently or regularly.

This my list:

1.  Reading – This is a no-brainer.  I can spend the whole day just reading about anything.  I just don’t know how this hobby can be a job.

2.  Baking/cooking – If money was no object, I really would like to bake everyday.  I’d like to try new recipes everyday, discover new dishes, have family and friends try out my creations.  Alas, ingredients are very expensive and I can’t afford to keep on experimenting and wasting food in case it didn’t come out right.   This is my ultimate dream, to have my own cafe or restaurant, or maybe a bed and breakfast in a remote place somewhere.

3.  Something related to physical activity.  I think this is one thing missing in my life right now, physical activity.  I’m not sure if I’ll have the opportunity to do sports but I like walking and once school starts, I plan to walk at least one hour every  day.  It would be great if I live near the beach so I can walk along the beach and enjoy the sights.  That’s the dream.  For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with my neighborhood.  Good thing we live in a quiet area so traffic is not so heavy.  Maybe I can be a tour guide in the future?

A close runner up to this list would be something to do with the environment.  I’ve always been an advocate for the environment since my student days.  I’m hoping that I’ll have the opportunity to work for this cause more in the future.

I just realized that I truly am blessed.  I can do what I love doing everyday.  Now, if only I could make tons of money from these things, I’d be ecstatic. 🙂