Last night, Skype unexpectedly stopped working so I couldn’t conduct my lessons.  I suppose it would have worked after a couple of hours but I didn’t really want to keep on trouble shooting and waiting so I decided to cancel the rest of my lessons after 8 pm.

My children rejoiced with the decision.  We seldom have time time together at night since I work weeknights so last night was a treat.  We played UNO and scrabble while listening/watching to their favorite songs on You Tube.  They would have wanted to play Monopoly but I know one night is not enough for that.

I should really start treasuring these moments.  My kids are growing up and pretty soon, they’d have their own lives and wouldn’t have time to spend with us anymore.  Even now, they spend most of the day with the neighborhood kids and making plans with them.  I’m happy that currently, they’d rather play games with us than with friends but I know it won’t last.  Eventually, I guess we’ll be happy if they have dinner at home everyday.  But until that day comes, I’d continue to spend my downtime with the kids the best way I know how. 🙂