Last Saturday, I gave in to requests and had another pizza day at home.  It was the third time we made our own pizza at home.

The first time, we really prepared for it, buying mozzarella, bacon and mushrooms for toppings.  And we really liked it.  We were so excited we forgot to take pictures of it.

The second time was upon the request of my sisters.  It was Good Friday so we can’t have any meat on it so we just topped it with tuna and cheese.  And again we forgot to take pictures.

We still had some cheese left over and my kids said they want pizza again and they’re okay with just having cheese pizza.  We had mozzarella, cheddar and quickmelt that we grated for a three cheese pizza for the kids.  They each had a pizza to top as they wish.

We still had one Italian sausage in the freezer so I chopped that up, put in some fresh basil and the adults now had sausage and three cheese pizza.  This was my pizza before baking.  Doesn’t it look pretty?

Jon decided to make two flavors, one side was just olive oil and garlic, the other was like mine.

So after a looonnnggg waiting time (I didn’t realize that gas was running low so it took a long time to heat the oven and it didn’t get as hot as I wanted) it was finally time to eat!!!

Pizza anyone?