Time to make a list again:

1.  Unexpected April showers – The unexpected rain last Wednesday made the weather “cool” for at least two days.

2.  Swimming – We went to Tito Roy’s house last Thursday and swam with the family together is Odick’s family.  We had great fun.

3.  Baking for family – I’m happy to have the opportunity to bake for Jon’s family and for mine on two consecutive days.  It was tiring but worth it.

4.  Holy Week – 4-day weekend for Jon and for most of the working population here in the Philippines.  It was a good time to just enjoy each other’s company and relax.

5.  Connect 4 – Thanks for Auntie Lanie and Uncle Hector, my kids have a new board game to keep them occupied and make them think too.

These are my simple pleasures for this week.  What’s yours?