The last time we had soup and bread for dinner, we had cream of mushroom soup (from a pack) and French bread.  Yumi requested for French bread that time and I think it was my second attempt at making it.  At that time, Jari requested to have bread bowls ala French Baker and have pumpkin soup for the next soup and bread dinner.

So last night, we decided to have pumpkin soup in a bread bowl.  Jon made the soup and I made the bread.  I used the country bread recipe and instead of making two loaves, I made 4 loaves so we’d have one bowl each.

Then the bread has to be converted to a bowl by first cutting off the top.

Then removing the bread inside.

Finally, dinner is served:

The presentation is fantastic and the taste too.

However there are some things that I learned about this whole exercise.  I realized too late that the bread bowls would really be too much for one person to finish.  Before, when I made the same bread, I’d make two loaves and we can finish one loaf on one day and the other loaf the next day.  So I should have known that we wouldn’t be able to finish everything in one serving.  Actually, Yumi and I shared one loaf but the guys had one bowl each.  They had to take a break for two hours before they resumed eating to finish their bread but they eventually succeeded. Yey!

So next time, I’ll make 6 bread bowls, or maybe even 8.  At least if we open our cafe, I already know the best size for our soup in a bread bowl to share.