I think my family has gotten over the novelty of having freshly baked bread around the house.  Last Monday, I made French bread as usual and by today, there was still more half a loaf left.  Usually we finish it off within the day or at most the next day.

So I decided to take a break from bread baking and do something else.

First off, I made bread pudding with the left-over bread.  This is a standby recipe and usually successful, but I think I made a bit too sweet today but it was still okay.  We had this for breakfast and I think we were all quite happy with it.

Then, I decided to make Sweet Biscotti.  I found a recipe by Emeril on the Food Network  site and I decided to give it a try.  It was my first time to make biscotti and it was a bit difficult because the dough was very sticky so it was hard to shape into logs.

Anyway, it turned out ok.  Actually, I didn’t follow the recipe completely since hazelnuts were needed but we didn’t have that so I just substituted walnuts and cashews.  It was also supposed to be dipped in melted white chocolate but I think that would make it over the top already so I omitted that step.  I found it a bit too sweet but it’s great with coffee.

It was a nice break from baking bread but after all that sweetness, I’m looking forward to eating bread again and just having it plain with butter.  Maybe tomorrow…