This is the first summer since having kids that I’m a stay at home mom.  I never realized before how challenging this is.

For one thing, it’s too hot.  Actually, we’re quite lucky this year since summer, or rather, the hot and humid weather started kinda late.  I think, last year, it was already hot as early as February.  This year, it only started this April.

For another thing, it’s hard to keep the kids occupied and happy.  Actually, it would be easy if I just let them watch TV the whole day or let them play the computer the whole day.  But since last year, we have limited their TV viewing time as well as their computer time.  During the school year, they can only have one hour of TV during weekdays and one hour of computer playing time on weekends.  Since it’s summer, they have been given two hours but this is for both TV and computer.  They have to choose what to use their time for.

So, everyday there’s a lot of complaining going on, etc, etc.  I actually think they enjoy playing with other kids more than watching TV or playing the computer.  It’s a good thing that our neighbors have kids that are roughly their age.  They spend most of their time out in the street biking, or playing soccer or other games.  But of course, if the other kids are not outside, then they start complaining again that they have nothing to do and no playmates, etc, etc.

I just hope that there’s a nearby park or a beach or a pool that we can go to (wishful thinking, I know).  There is a park about two blocks away but it’s quite small and there are just a few swings and slides.  It’s not maintained well so it’s quite rusty.  There’s no big space where they can play soccer or other ball games.  So it’s not really a good idea to go there.

Hopefully, I can think of activities we can do that will keep them occupied.  I found a recipe for play dough online so maybe we’ll do that within the week.  I guess I could also play chess and other board games with them.  We could also do some baking and cooking together.  I guess I just have to accept the mess that’s part of learning.

If only life was as easy as a Phineas and Ferb summer, my kids would never get bored.