Looks like I’m on French bread binge recently and I decided to tweak it a bit.  Found a recipe for Herb Garlic Baguettes and decided to give that a try.  Truthfully, I don’t know the difference between a baguette and the regular French bread.  The recipe was fairly similar but there was minced garlic, fresh and dried herbs mixed with the dough.

Turned out okay but maybe I didn’t let it rise enough since yesterday’s bread was bigger.

We could definitely smell the garlic and herbs and of course see the flecks of herbs on the bread.

Honestly, I couldn’t taste the garlic nor the herbs when I tried it.  I don’t mind though, it was still very good and we all had a great snack this afternoon.

I think my family is now very used to my baking almost everyday and Jari’s  asking what I would bake tomorrow.  My kids are asking if they could do the kneading so maybe that’s what we’ll do next.