I wanted to have another bread and soup dinner with my family and was planning to make country bread into a soup bowl, like what they serve in French Baker but Yumi requested for French bread so I decided to try that.  The manual for the Kitchen Aide had a recipe for French bread so I just decided to use that.  I wanted to see the best way to shape it so I just searched in YouTube.

This was the first bread I did without using the dough hook and I actually liked kneading the bread.  This was what yesterday’s bread looked like:

It didn’t really look very good.  By the way, it was the kids who sliced the bread before baking.  I guess I didn’t knead it enough and I obviously have to improve shaping it.  It still tasted good and was great with butter.

Today, I made my second attempt, and I also kneaded it by hand.  It felt different today and I definitely knew it would also turn out nicer.

It certainly looked nicer and smoother right?  I haven’t tried it yet (it’s still a bit hot) but I’m sure it would be great, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside.  This is what we’ll have for dinner tonight, together with mushroom soup.  Yummy.  I’m a happy girl. 🙂