Last week, we went to the grocery and Yumi bought a pack of ice pops.  There were eight pieces in the pack and I told her she could sell some so she’d have money to buy more next time.  She readily agreed.

It was a huge success and she sold all eight pieces even before they were frozen.  She ended up not eating any at all.  I just told her we’d buy two packs the next day and she was okay with that.

Naturally, Jari wanted to sell some stuff too.  I told him he can sell the remaining snacks we had and maybe he can buy something the next day too.  Unknown to me, the kids actually got busy making the sign for their “store”.












So the next day, we bought two packs of ice pop and 4 packs of peanuts.

They had a lot of customers that day, good thing they are friends with the neighborhood kids.  We had to buy another pack of ice pop and peanuts the following day.

I love the idea that the children seem to have entrepreneurial instincts.  It would serve them well.  I’m not keen about individually packed stuff though and I’d rather not buy or sell these items.  In fact, one of the reasons I’m doing a lot of baking right now is to avoid buying snacks with lots of packaging.  I’m also looking at which items my kids can bring to school once the school year starts.  However, these are the only items that kids can afford.  I figure we’ll go into packaging some other time.

Anyway,  the store was successful for a total of three days.  What can I say, the consumer mind is fickle.  It was still a good learning experience for the kids, though and I think they had fun with the whole activity.