I’m feeling out of sorts today.  I’m not my usual self.

Earlier, I decided I’d make some bread.  The recipe called for 2 cups of bread.  While the machine was kneading it, I noticed it was still very wet compared to the last time I made it.  So I thought that maybe I only put one cup of flour.  So put in another cup of flour.  Then of course it was very dry so I guess I did put the correct amount and I just needed to knead it more.  I decided to discard it.  I briefly thought of mixing another batch but I decided against it since it might not turn out right either.

Recently, I’ve been having baking mishaps and I don’t understand why.  It all started with the sourdough pancakes.

Last Saturday, we visited Jon’s family in San Juan.  I thought of bringing bread to them.  So, after we ate the pancakes, I mixed a a double batch of the sourdough bread.  For some reason, it didn’t rise so we decided against bringing them.  We still baked the loaves since it was going to be thrown anyway, we might as well see if it was edible.

When we got home that night, we tried it out.  It rose a bit during baking so it wasn’t as dense as I expected.  It turned out edible and we had it for lunch with mushroom soup the next day.  I even had it for breakfast yesterday.  I made grilled cheese sandwiches using the bread.  It was just very heavy.

Since we still had half a loaf left, I decided to make bread pudding.  The kids broke the bread into little pieces and I mixed the custard to be absorbed by the bread.  Had another mishap there since I broke the eggs directly on the milk and it turned out that the egg was bad.  So that was a cup of milk and 2 eggs wasted.  I already know that I should break the milk on a separate container before mixing it but I was looking for shortcuts so I skipped that.  Never again.  The bread pudding turned out okay, not fantastic but just okay.  It seemed a bit dry and I probably should have added more milk and egg.

As I’ve said, I’m having baking mishaps.  The only decent thing I’ve made since Saturday were lemon squares.  At least that turned out as expected.

So this afternoon, I decided to clean the vestibule.  We have table there which just has junk on it.  I cleaned it, and put all the junk elsewhere.  I can now sit by the table and have coffee and read.  I felt better after cleaning up.  I hope this is the break I need and that by tomorrow, I’ll snap out of this slump.

I’ll bake some bread tomorrow and hopefully it would turn out perfect.  I’m having some friends over on Friday and of course I’m serving bread so I definitely should get my groove back by then.