Time to make a list again.  I have decided to number my list every week.  This would tell me how long I’ve been blogging.  I’m quite surprised and happy that I’m now on my fourth week.  I have never written that long on my journals before.

1.  Quiapo – This is where we buy our flour and nuts.  It’s very cheap compared to groceries.  What I need now is a cheap source of butter…

2.   Our Washing machine – I can’t imagine how long it would take to do the laundry if I had to wash everything by hand.  I also don’t know how my hands would take it.

3.  Our Kitchen Aide – I am very thankful for my sister who gave me my kitchen aide.  It makes mixing and kneading so much easier.

4.  Our Oven – I’m very happy that it’s been more than a year now and our oven is still functioning well after it was repaired last year.

5.  Lemon Squares – Apparently, it’s the new favorite dessert around here.

That’s it for now.  Let’s all enjoy life’s little pleasures. 🙂