As mentioned yesterday, I found a new recipe to try today, sourdough pancakes.  Unfortunately, my family gave it the thumbs down.  After the first bite, Jon already noticed it was different and asked what I did differently.  As Yumi was eating, she actually told me, “Mom, please don’t make this pancake again.”

The pancake was too thin, and the taste was different from what we were used to.  I wasn’t crazy over it either although personally, I would have given it another chance.  I think I overmixed it which made it so thin but then again, it was the taste they didn’t like.

We already make our own pancakes from scratch and found a recipe that we like and always use.  I am quite successful with that recipe and our pancakes turn out fluffy more often than not.  I guess I should just stick with that and just find recipes to try for other types of bread.  Well, I found one for sourdough bagels.  Maybe we’ll have that for breakfast tomorrow…