I think I’m now addicted to bread, or rather to baking bread.  I’ve baked almost everyday this week and I’m really happy doing it.  I think I’ll never buy bread again.  So yesterday, I was looking at bread recipes to try out and I’ve chosen 3 that I’ll try within the week.

I decided to start with sourdough.  It needs a starter dough that takes a long time to ferment so I mixed that yesterday so I could bake the bread today.  This is the first time I’ve done this and I’m not sure if I’ve done it correctly.  The recipe said it should be very bubbly after letting it sit for 8 – 12 hours and this is how it looked like.  I guess that counts as bubbly.

This morning, after breakfast I followed the rest of the recipe to make the bread.  I didn’t realize that there were two rising times so the bread was finally out of the oven at 2 pm.

















While waiting for the bread to cool, I decided to search online about sourdough breads and I discovered that there are so many resources I should have checked first before my first attempt.  Looking at the pictures on their sites, I realized that I should have made my bread free standing so the crust would be more even.  The crust should also be darker and I should have made some slits at the top.  Well, I’m still learning so I’ll show you some pictures the next time I make it again.

Finally, it was time to cut and taste.  Some of the pictures online had bigger holes in the bread so I’m hoping the ones I make next would have that.  The crust was very crisp and the bread was very soft.  It tasted good although I didn’t really taste any sourness.  The comments from the recipe said that it usually develops sourness after the starter is about 2 weeks old so I guess this is why it just tasted like regular bread.  But it was good and I think would be great for soup.

Tomorrow, I already found a recipe for sourdough pancakes that we’ll have for breakfast.  I’ll let you know how that goes.