I finally tried out this recipe from the flatbreads book of a friend.  Actually, I thought I wouldn’t have to bake this early in the week since I made lemon squares last Sunday and I thought it was last at least until Wednesday.  But Yumi had developed a liking to it.  She ate 4 bars last Sunday, and 4 bars again yesterday.  I, of course ate the same number of bars.  Jon also ate his share.  So today, there was only two left and I told her she could have it.   So it’s only Jari who’s still has not a fan.  I’ll probably have to make some again this weekend.

So I thought of making Sri Lankan Coconut Breakfast Bread.  I had set aside some shredded coconut yesterday when I made chicken curry but when I brought out the coconut from the refrigerator this morning, it smelled a bit funny and to be safe, I decided to discard it and bake something else.

So, I finally made Sweet Persian Bread.  It was the first time that I actually made something that had to be rolled so of course it wasn’t perfect.


















I definitely need more rolling practice.  It turned out okay and this is how it looked like after it’s been cut:

It looks very rustic.  It was good and as suggested in the book, goes great with coffee.  It’s best dunked in coffee to soften it a bit.

As a I sit back and enjoy my coffee and my bread, I think to myself, this is the life!