It’s time to make the list for stuff I’m thankful for:

1.  Electricity – I’m glad to live at a time and a place where electricity is almost uninterrupted.  I say almost since we had a 3-hour interruption last Saturday.  I know that there are places that still don’t have electricity and that certainly affects their way of life.  I just hope there is some way to bring electricity to them and for our electricity to be sourced 100 % from renewable resources.  (I can dream, can’t I?)

2.  Pandelimon – I really loved making it and eating it.

3.  Baking with children – It was a great bonding activity and very enjoyable for all concerned.

4.  Silpat – This is the silicon mat I use instead of parchment paper.  It was expensive when we bought it maybe 5 years ago but I probably would have paid more had I used parchment paper during the last 5 years.  Aside from this, I also prevented stuff from going into our bulging landfills.

5.  Coffee – I have recently learned to drink coffee black.  I used to think it tasted bitter but I now appreciate its flavor.  Before, it doesn’t matter what beans were used since coffee tasted the same, masked by sugar and cream.  But now, I can taste the different types of beans.  Of course, I just love it because it goes so well with sweet, sinful stuff. 😉

Well, that’s my list for now.  Until next week.