Yesterday, I made my first attempt at making flatbreads.  Jari woke up early and was asking what’s for breakfast.  The flatbread book that we had listed Scottish Oatcakes as breakfast fare so I looked at the recipe.  It was very easy and straightforward and so I decided to make it.  I somehow already knew that my attempt might fail since the recipe called for oatmeal and all I had were rolled oats.  The authors even noted that they tried using rolled oats and while it was edible, the texture was gritty and not appetizing.   Being the stubborn person that I am, used to substituting whatever was on hand, I still tried it.  And, as the authors said, the result was dismal.  Nobody liked it.  Jari ate some since he was hungry but he didn’t finish a whole serving.  I had to eat everything else otherwise it would have been wasted.  When I topped it with vanilla ice cream, it became softer and palatable but it was very tiring to chew.  At least I’m sure I got my fiber requirements yesterday, hahaha.  Maybe I’ll try it again sometime but I will make sure that I have the correct ingredients.

So today, being a very lazy Sunday, I wanted to bake something and try something new.  I had to recover from yesterday’s failed attempt.  I was going to make pita bread but then I remembered that I wanted to try making pandelimon.  My sister sent me the link to the website (kusina ni manang) for the recipe she uses and I decided to give it a try today.

It was already 10:30 am when I decided on this so we ended up having lunch past 2 pm.  But it was very good and I ended up eating 3 pieces of bread!  Jon cooked a potato omelet with cheese and milk which was supposed to be the filling for the bread but the bread was great on it’s own that we didn’t even finish the omelet!  I thought we’d still have bread for dinner (and Jon was making pasta) but we finished everything.  I am so full!

While the bread was rising, I made my third attempt at lemon squares.  It’s ok, still not fantastic.  I guess I’m really not a fan of it and since no one else in my family is, I’ll probably stop making it and find other recipes to try.

It was a very fun and productive baking day for me.  I’ll definitely make that bread again.  It would be great for breakfast but I don’t think I want to wake up at 4 am to make it so maybe we’ll have it for lunch or dinner again next time.