I mentioned before that I work part-time from home.  I teach English online to Japanese students.  I don’t really teach English formally, but I provide an opportunity for them to converse in English.  Most of my students prefer just having conversation or reading an article then discussing it.  I’ve learned a lot about Japanese culture from my students and I think they have also learned a lot about the Philippines from their Filipino tutors.

Anyway, I was talking earlier to my one of my students about world leaders, Pres. Obama, Col. Gaddafi and we somehow ended up discussing Mrs. Marcos.     He asked where she is now, and I answered in Manila.  He was very surprised and wondered, “Why are they safe?”  I honestly couldn’t answer him.  I informed him that she is now a congressman, her son is a senator and her daughter is a governor.  He was genuinely shocked and amazed that one, they’re not in jail, and two,  that they got elected.  He said it was really unbelievable.

I also informed him that Mr. Estrada ran for President and got in second.  He was really speechless and didn’t know what to say.  (Of course, this could also be due to the fact that he has quite a limited vocabulary 🙂 )

That got me thinking again.  I’ve thought about his before, of course, after the elections but now I had to revisit my thoughts.  Why do we elect these people?  Why are we, as a people, very forgetful?  Why don’t we bring people to justice?  We elect these people then we complain that nothing’s changed.  Corruption is still there.  Red tape is still there.  Justice is still slow.  We can’t blame the government for everything.

We have to take responsibility and determine what we can do to change the status quo.  How will we educate the people to be mature and thinking voters?  How do we produce politicians who will really prioritize the country instead of their pockets?  How do we get people to act?  I know all these questions have been asked before and there are no easy answers.  I still think though, that it’s up to the people.  We can change the system.  If we really want to change it, we can change it.