Today is Yumi’s 7th birthday.  We already celebrated her birthday last Sunday but of course we have to do something special today.  We’re baking some cut-out cookies later and I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

So last Sunday, we went to Centris.  This is the area near the Quezon Avenue MRT station so it’s at the corner of EDSA and Q. Ave.  There are a lot of restaurants around the area and some activities that children would enjoy.  There’s also a bazaar every Sunday morning.  This was the bazaar that used to be at the Lung Center parking lot.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go around the bazaar since we got there past 1 pm already and the kids were hungry.

We had lunch at Shakey’s, cheese pizza, pasta, cheezy garlic bread, mojos and rootbeer floats.  Pizza was of course great, carbonara was so-so.  Jon makes a better one but it was Yumi who requested for it so it’s ok.  It was a carbo-loading lunch and almost vegetarian, except for the bits of bacon in the carbonara.  I thought it wouldn’t be enough and that we’d look for meat but we actually got full.

After lunch, the kids and Jon played lazertag.  They really enjoyed themselves.  We then did bump cars and this time I joined in as well, sharing the car with Yumi.  It was fun and I kinda felt like a kid again.

We then met Donna at Shakey’s since she had some orders.  While we were there, we decided to eat some dessert so we had their banana split.  It had 5 scoops of ice cream so we just shared one order.

Afterwards, the kids played at the playground while we had coffee.   It was a good thing we met with Donna since her kids played with our kids.  My kids would probably have been bored sooner if they didn’t have other kids to play with.

We then did a bit of grocery shopping then we went home.  Surprisingly, we still weren’t hungry when we got home so we decided not have dinner anymore.  And as a last activity for the day, we watched the Princess and the Frog while eating chips and drinking mango juice.

Overall, a very fun and enjoyable day (but tiring and definitely expensive 🙂 )