As I said in my first post, I’ll make a list every week of stuff I’m thankful for.  So, for last week, I’m thankful for :

  1. Unexpected orders – I had a couple of unexpected orders last week which gave me an opportunity to bake several times last week.
  2. Medicine – Yumi had another ear infection and I’m glad we live during these times where medicine is very accessible.  Imagine if we lived in the middle ages where simple infections often caused deaths.
  3. The internet – It just makes life so simple, I can pay bills online, keep in touch with family and friends, and even my work is made possible by the internet (parang commercial lang).
  4. Centris – We spent the whole day there yesterday, eating at Shakey’s (twice in one day!), the kids and Jon played lazertag and we also played bump cars.  Good thing there was also a mini-park/playground that we got to hang out in as well.
  5. The Princess and the Frog – We watched this last night as our last bonding time with the family for the weekend.  It was good and had nice lessons we should always remember.

That’s it for this week’s list.  Until next week.