Yesterday, my sister commented that I live a charmed life.  This is because I was enjoying a cup of coffee with a muffin in the middle of the day.  I actually agree with her but as I also told her, there are trade-offs.

For one, I work at night, from 7 pm until 12 midnight.  This is the time that most people spend relaxing, talking with their families, chatting online and watching TV.  I miss all that.  For another, since I only work part-time, our income does not have much room for luxuries.  I can’t remember the last time I bought a personal item.  And of course, it gets tiring doing the same chores over and over again.

But I’m not complaining.  I’m quite happy with my life.  It’s not perfect but all our needs are met.  I get to spend a lot of time with my kids.  I have a lot of time to play games, read, experiment with cooking and baking,  and exercise (lol).

I could choose to work full-time again and earn a more respectable income.  However, I choose not too.   I’d rather make do with less stuff and have the opportunity to do the things that I enjoy on a daily basis.

Life is all about choices.  And all decisions have consequences, both positive and negative.   So here’s hoping that our decisions lead us all to live charmed lives, however we define it.