I am so proud of myself today.  I’ve been busy baking the whole morning and was sorely tempted to surf the internet and read blogs afterwards but I forced myself to exercise instead.

I’ve been doing Zumba for three weeks now.  The first week, I did it once.  The second week, I did it twice.  Since this is the third week, I’m really hoping I get to do it thrice as my goal is to exercise three times a week without fail.  I’m hoping that third time’s the charm.  Today was the second time I did it this week and if all goes well, I should do it again on Friday.

I have a love-hate relationship with exercise, which I’m sure you all can relate with.  I’ve enrolled in the gym, did running, swimming, walking and all sorts of videos.  Unfortunately, I always quit after a month or so.  I love the feeling of sweating, knowing that I’m melting the fats in my body and when my muscles ache, I know that my workout was successful.  But motivation is always a problem.  It’s so hard to convince myself to work out and I always come up with excuses not to do it.

I’ve been staying at home for almost two months now and yet I still have not made a habit of exercising.  I am embarrassed when people more busy than I find the time to do it.  So now, I really, really will exercise.  I promise!  (fingers crossed =D)